RTI Listeners Club of Bangladesh

"A Bridge of Amity, Cordiality and Friendship"

A Bridge of Amity, Cordiality and Friendship .

RTI Listeners Club of Bangladesh

(Central Organization of RTI Fanís and Fansí Clubs of Bangladesh )

 Head Office : Luxmipur Greater Road, Rajshahi 600000,Bangladesh

Mailing Address : GPO Box 66 , Rajshahi 600000,Bangladesh


WebSite : www.RTIBangladesh.webs.com 

Email : rtilcb[at]yahoo.com

RTI : Introduction

The Central Broadcasting System or CBS is the national broadcasting system of the Republic of China on Taiwan. It currently broadcasts in 13 languages around the world via the call sign "Radio Taiwan International (RTI)." In January of 1996, Taiwan's legislature passed the "Central Broadcasting System Establishment Statute." This officially combined the former Central Broadcasting System of the Ministry of Defense with the international section of the Broadcasting Corporation of China, thereby forming what is now referred to as "CBS," Taiwan's national radio station which broadcasts under the call sign "RTI".
 The original Central Broadcasting System and the international department of the Broadcasting Corporation of China came out of the Central Broadcasting System of the KMT government in Nanjing, China which was established in 1928. 
 During the battles against the Japanese invaders in 1937, the Central Broadcasting System maneuvered with the government and moved its base from Hankou to Chungking, broadcasting all the while. In 1945, the KMT government successfully expelled the Japanese and the Central Broadcasting System returned with the government to Nanjing. Four years later it again followed the KMT government, this time to the island of Taiwan. 
 For over 75 years the Central Broadcasting System has moved forward in harmony with the government and braved the perils of enemies, both foreign and domestic, in order to broadcast for the country, maintain a stable society, promote a sense of history, and take the people of Taiwan to new heights.
 In January of 1998, the restructured CBS broadcast the voice of Taiwan to Mainland China and the rest of the world under the call signs of "Radio Taipei International" and "The Voice of Asia". In January of 2002, CBS broadcast to the world under one call sign "Radio Taipei International". Most recently, in July, 2003, CBS changed the call sign to "Radio Taiwan International" to avoid confusion on the part of listeners, many of whom had difficulty associating Taipei with Taiwan.


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